Birding Fuzhou Nationwide Forest Park – 10,000 Birds

Birding Fuzhou Nationwide Forest Park – 10,000 Birds

As you will have in all probability realized by now, in my posts on 10,000 Birds, I usually scrupulously keep away from giving any sensible hints for birding on the specified location. This publish on the Fuzhou Nationwide Forest Park is not any exception – nonetheless, there may be an older publish of mine on Shanghaibirding which covers a couple of practicalities. If that is what you wish to learn, go there.

Nonetheless, should you principally simply wish to see images of birds similar to this Black-throated Bushtit, you may as nicely keep right here. And be taught that the Latin species identify concinnus is extra fascinating than the English one – it means “elegant, neat, pleasing” (in accordance with the HBW).

Breeding pairs generally are supported by helpers, however these will not be fairly as unselfish as it might appear – in a single examine, in 8.3% of circumstances these helpers sired offspring. So if any person presents assist, higher ask your self (or them) what they count on from it.

The Blue Whistling Thrush is among the many largest of all thrushes – this partly is dependent upon the subspecies, although the state of affairs concerning the subspecies itself appears to be a bit muddled, as seen from this quote from the HBW:

“Race” flavirostris has been thought-about presumably to advantage full species standing, however foundation for such a separation unclear. Birds from Tien Shan S to Pamirs described as race turcestanicushowever thought-about inseparable from temminckii.”

Bonus info for chemists and for purveyors of irrelevant info: The Latin species identify of caeruleus signifies the azure blue or cerulean colour of the hen. Cerulean Blue is a pigment consisting primarily of cobalt(II) stannate, Co2SnO4.

In Chinese language, the identify of the Chinese language Pond Heron is simply “pond heron” (chi lu). Like an American simply speaking about soccer when he means American soccer.

These images had been taken in early March – the species appears to be like extra engaging in its summer time breeding plumage.

Tailorbirds similar to this Frequent Tailorbird apparently “get their identify from the best way their nest is constructed. The perimeters of a giant leaf are pierced and sewn along with plant fiber or spider silk to make a cradle during which the precise nest is constructed” (supply).

The Latin species identify of the Mallard (right here, a feminine) is platyrhynchos (okay, that could be a Greek identify actually). If that sounds partly acquainted, you’re in all probability pondering of the Australian platypus. Nonetheless, whereas the Mallard identify means broad-billed, the identify of the Platypus means broad-foot (although I assume broad-billed would make extra sense).

I can not think about the way it feels to be the spouse of a really well-known man, say, the US president or a very fashionable actor, with everyone always simply referring to you as “the spouse of”. Nonetheless, I’m positive feminine Fork-tailed Sunbirds know this sense very nicely.

The feminine sunbird generally meets with feminine Hearth-breasted Flowerpeckers to debate this shared situation.

It’s not the identical for the Scarlet Minivet. If I perceive my cats appropriately, the females style of lemon whereas the males style of orange. I’ve not verified this myself although.

The HBW isn’t a terrific fan of the Grey Treepie, describing it as a “reasonably drab brownish-grey treepie”. Alternatively, I’ve overheard Grey Treepies describing the HBW workers as a “drab and uninspired group of ornithologists”, so it appears the sensation is mutual.

The ebook “Tits, Boobies and Loons” has the next entry on the Intermediate Egret: “Intermediate Egret: Pathetic. Name me whenever you graduate to Superior Egret”.

I assume in accordance with this logic, the Little Egret needs to be known as Newbie’s Egret. Or Elementary Egret?

Being of a a lot purer thoughts than most male people, I can not discover something amusing in regards to the identify of the Japanese Tits.

Swinhoe’s White-eyes can generally even be present in my Shanghai compound. The cleverer people of the species want to reside at Fuzhou Nationwide Forest Park although. Extra space, fewer individuals.

Massive Woodshrikes are neither members of the shrike household, nor giant (MacKinnon: “smallish grey and white”), nor manufactured from wooden. 0 out of three. They do look a bit like shrikes although. Or not less than like birds.

This can be a correct shrike – a Lengthy-tailed Shrike, to be particular. Supposedly, the Latin species identify schach is an onomatopoeic identify based mostly on the decision, however regardless that I hear this hen in my compound nearly daily, none of its calls (which could be fairly enjoyable – it is a hen that likes to cry itself in a rage) ever resembled the sound of “schach” to me.

Do birds endure from despair? This Crimson-whiskered Bulbul appears to be like prefer it may. Perhaps it is going to get higher as soon as the rain stops and the solar comes out once more.

This Mild-vented Bulbul appears to be coping a bit higher.

This Chestnut Bulbul might be doing okay.

And one other bulbul, the Collared Finchbillappears to be nearly cheerful regardless of getting moist as nicely.

The Orange-bellied Leafbird is one among eleven species of leafbirds. They’re all brightly coloured and attractive-looking, which sadly has made them widespread cage birds. Whereas for people it’s not deemed acceptable to place one other human in a cage to your personal amusement, the identical doesn’t apply to birds. Ultimately, this may occasionally change however many hen species might not be round any longer at that time.

In the event you ever occur to be in Germany and so bored out of your thoughts that you’re lowered to fixing crossword puzzles, figuring out the German phrase “Sterz” could turn out to be useful. The trace can be one thing like “hen’s tail” (5 letters). The one different use this information will ever have is to know the origin of the phrase “Redstart”, such because the Plumbeous Water Redstart

…and the Daurian Redstart.

I can not assist pondering that the Crimson-billed Blue Magpie within the images under appears to be like a bit faux. Nonetheless, I truthfully don’t keep in mind taking any plastic birds with me when doing my images at Fuzhou Nationwide Park.

For comparative functions, the faux model (accessible on Taobao, the Chinese language eBay/Amazon, for about 9 USD):

The ebook “The Jewel Hunter” describes one man’s quest to see all of the world’s pitta species (Donna reviewed it). Trogons solely have a cameo function within the ebook, however not less than I discovered that “the phrase trogon comes from the Greek that means nibbler, a reference to the trogon household’s recurring gnawing of tree bark so as to create nest holes”. As you’ll be able to see in among the images of a Crimson-headed Trogon under, a singular attribute of the trogon household is the heterodactyl association of their toes, with toes 3 and 4 forward-oriented whereas toes 1 and a couple of are backward-oriented. To be trustworthy, I’m not positive this actually is clearly seen within the images under although, because the zygodactyl association (toes 2 and three forward-oriented, toes 1 and 4 backward-oriented) would in all probability look very comparable.

The Rufous-capped Babbler is normally discovered at a better altitude than Fuzhou Nationwide Forest Park.

I do know these two images of a Slaty-backed Forktail are very comparable. However the hen is so cute that it’s value exhibiting it twice. In the event you disagree, possibly you must discover a weblog publish about monster vans.

Additionally cute: Rufous Woodpecker.