Everything Dog Owners Need to Know About Dog Boarding

The bond between dogs and their owners has become more intimate. When pet parents must leave their pets behind while traveling, they often have to choose between pet sitting and dog boarding in jacksonville florida. Most dog owners treat their pets as members of the family and prefer to board them in a facility that functions more like a dog camp than a drab kennel. Some dog camps include opulent outdoor spaces and energetic staff who care deeply for animals. Some boarding places are more extravagantly furnished than hotels for people, and dogs usually like the change of environment.

What is Dog Boarding?

Dog boarding has been something for quite some time. For a fee, some facilities offer elegant accommodations and specialized care. A standard facility will provide an enclosed dog run, routine feeding and watering, exercise, and surveillance for severe medical conditions. In dog boarding facilities, veterinarians also provide for animals with particular medical requirements, which may include the administration of routine medication.

Is Dog Boarding Safe?

The best option for caring for the dog while pet parents are away is dog boarding. It enables safe, devoted care for the dog in a comfortable setting. In dog home boarding, the dog stays with a trained caregiver. This differs from pet sitting, which usually involves the caregiver staying in the pet parent’s home. The facilities that offer dog boarding in Jacksonville Florida will take the dog for as long as its owner requires, allowing pet parents to go on vacation with peace of mind.

Difference Between Pet Boarding and Pet Sitting

While pet boarding means the dog is at a facility where there are other dogs, pet sitting involves hiring an expert sitter to visit the house for a certain amount of time while pet owners are away. Dogs are fed and walked by pet sitters. Additionally, they pay them attention so they won’t feel alone. While dog owners are gone, some pet sitters stay at their houses. Some pet owners find it uncomfortable and inconvenient that a third person would be visiting their house during their absence. This is why they find dog boarding an ideal option. Dog boarding facilities offer a kennel or sleeping quarters for the dog and have staff members available to take walks. These facilities also have huge playgrounds, unlike a kennel where dogs remain to be caged. 

Benefits of Pet Boarding

Dog boarding offers peace of mind to the owners. They will enjoy their vacation without any stress knowing that their dog is in good hands and under specialized care. There will be no need to stress about depending on a pet sitter to show up on time. The dog will receive routine care at the boarding facility, including feeding, walking, and playing. These facilities also let dogs interact with other dogs. This is fantastic for active breeds who enjoy socializing. 


Dog boarding is not getting rid of the dog during a family vacation; rather, it will also be a vacation for dogs. For those who are keeping their dogs for the first time at dog boarding in Jacksonville Florida, it is recommended to bring some favorite toys, treats, and items that smell like home for their dog’s delight.