Nine abused dogs taken by the Animal Welfare League of Arlington

Nine abused dogs taken by the Animal Welfare League of Arlington

Archie, a 9-month-old English Bulldog is one of the dogs who was rescued. The AWLA says he was emaciated when they found him.

ARLINGTON COUNTY, Va. — Nine dogs are on the road to recovery after being taken in by the Animal Welfare League of Arlington.

Last month, AWLA Chief Operating Officer Amy Schindler said nine dogs, who were victims of suspected cruelty and neglect, were brought in, in just a five-day span.

WUSA9 got to meet one of the dogs, Archie, a 9-month-old English Bulldog.

The pup has had a rough start to his life but is doing much better now.

“He still has a little bit more to go,” said Schindler.

She told WUSA9 they received a call from some concerned neighbors, that someone was “mistreating a dog in the back of a pick-up truck.”

“He was living in a truck and when our animal control officers went to check things out they realized that he was emaciated,” said Schindler.

The AWLA immediately intervened, took him in, and began the medical care they said he desperately needed.

Archie was put on a special diet to help him carefully gain weight and strength.

But, he was just one of nine dogs taken in by the AWLA.

“We had some neglect where animals weren’t cared for, left in a crate, a broken leg that wasn’t treated. Some needed extensive grooming,” said Schindler.

She told WUSA9 that all of the dogs are doing much better, but says if someone is struggling to care for their pet, there is help available.

“If you feel like you’re in a situation where you love your animal but can’t care for them, we can help you get those resources, so you can keep your pet in your home. So it doesn’t get to these situations,” she said.

She also shared that the AWLA is always looking for foster families to help care for animals. For more details on how to adopt, or foster an animal, click here.