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Although she obtained particular exemption certificates for the now-banned breed, the owner, from Kent, can not legally sell them or even give them away. From one cat owner to a different, there’s something to be said for beginning fresh every month — and that one thing is a house that doesn’t stink. We’re suckers for interspecies friendships, however this special relationship between a bulldog named Gus and Lucky, a special Pets News needs hen, makes us melt. The pair’s adoptive pet mom, Chandler Coate, says she launched the pair with out much forethought, and at first, each were a bit unsure of every other. But as soon as Lucky realized Gus posed no menace to her, their relationship bloomed. There are some laws about keeping these South American raccoons as pets.

  • At current, pet cats aren’t required to be licensed, unlike canines, stated SPCA’s govt director, Aarthi Sankar.
  • When it comes to emergency pet treatment, the worth can run into the hundreds.
  • Half hang-glider, half squirrel, these fancy associates are often discovered down underneath in Australia.