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Komodo dragons are the second worst animals on earth, behind bedbugs, so it’s best to solely use them as examples of find out how to word stay your life. Don’t chew into your prey and rip its flesh aside whereas injecting venom. Don’t dig up the graves of people and eat their corpses.

With regards to parenting, Komodo dragons get off to begin—they will reproduce asexually, they usually construct secure nests to put their eggs—however as soon as the eggs hatch, it is all unhealthy. As quickly as they’re born, younger Komodo dragons run as quick as they will towards a tree. In the event that they climb quick sufficient, they’re secure. The sluggish infants are eaten by their very own moms or different dragons. To guard themselves from their very own type, the tree-living Komodo dragons roll round in feces to make themselves unappetizing. They keep within the timber for 4 years, till they’re sturdy and cruel sufficient to carry their very own. They then drop to earth and spend their remaining 25 years being horrible.