Veterinarian Karen Fine on the special role pets play in our lives

Veterinarian Karen Fine on the special role pets play in our lives

It helps a veterinarian to become an animal lover.

It doesn’t help her to be allergic to cats.

But Karen Fine didn’t let that stop her. Nor was she bothered by the fact that, in the 1980s, when she went to vet school, almost all of the students were male. She followed in her physician grandfather’s path and became a veterinarian who made house calls, “laid hands” on her patients and always took time to listen — both to the pets and the caretakers.

Fine’s new book, “The Other Family Doctor” is a collection of stories she amazed while practicing veterinary medicine. But it also functions as a memoir. She weaves in tales of her own pets: the birds, cats, and dogs who have taught her that caring for the animals in our lives can teach us to take better care of ourselves.

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Join MPR News host Kerri Miller as she talks with Fine about pets, mindfulness and how even vets struggle knowing when it’s time to say good-bye.


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