8 Best Dog Food Storage Containers

8 Best Dog Food Storage Containers

We all want the best for our dogs, and for most of us, that means placing delicious, nutrient-rich food in their bowls twice per day. But how do you store your pup’s grub matters just as much. Like human food, dry pet food in particular can become stale, accumulate bacteria, and attract insects if it isn’t stored properly—which can lead to gastric upset or illness and, inevitably, an uncomfortable visit to the vet. That’s why choosing the right dog food storage container is critical.

Putting your dog’s food in a safe, airtight container doesn’t just keep it safe and fresh—it can also maintain its nutrient profile over time. “Nutrients can actually be lost from the dry food if it is left out or is kept in an unstable environment,” says Jennifer Bruns, DVM, MPVM at PetSmart Veterinary Services.

How and where you choose to store your pet’s food, treats, and supplements is crucial to your pet’s health and safety, affirms Wendy Wen, the founder of Antelope Pets and the CEO of Bocce’s Bakery. Although you can keep dog food in the bag if you seal it shut after each use, it’s better to decant it into a storage container. As you shop for the best options for your pet, household, and lifestyle, keep a few considerations in mind, says Wen:

  • temperature: Dog food should always be stored in a cool and dry place.
  • Environment: Dog food should be kept away from humid areas, like your garage, in the summer.
  • Design: This should be dependent on your lifestyle and kitchen or home’s design (your container should fit easily into a closet or cabinet). Consider a dog food container for travel if you have any road trips or pet-friendly vacations planned.
  • Ease of Use: Since you will feed your dog at least once a day, your dog food storage container must be easy to use.
  • Materials: Ensure all products are BPA-free.
  • Air-Tight Seal: This fights bacteria growth and keeps dog food from smelling in your kitchen.

Here, we’ve found several top-rated, expert-approved dog food storage containers for home and travel that will help you serve your dog fresh, wholesome meals wherever you are.

The 8 Best Dog Food Storage Containers

Gropecan Collapsible Dog Food Storage Container

Courtesy of Amazon

If you and your dog like to hit the road throughout the summer, this dog food storage container has the flexibility and durability you need. The collapsible, BPA-free container is great for smaller spaces or traveling, since it can be folded down or compacted as needed, says Wen.

Reviewers rave about the reliable air-tight seal—and as a bonus, it’s available in three fun colors to match your aesthetic. “The four side-locking lid really ensures the freshness of dog food and gives you the confidence that it’s locking out harmful moisture,” Wen adds.

Gamma2 Vittles Vault Pet Food Storage Container

Courtesy of PetSmart

While not all pups care about keeping up with the golden retriever across the street, a good looking dog food storage container may be important for aesthetically-minded households. Dr. Bruns recommends this minimal option if both style and functionality matter in your household.

This pick is made locally in the United States, and features BPA-free and food-grade plastic available in six sizes, from 15 to 80 pounds. So, regardless if you have a chihuahua or a great dane, you can meet their culinary demands.

“The patented sealing system will extend the life of your pet’s food and keep it fresher longer, while maintaining nutritional integrity,” Dr. Bruns says. “This sealing system also ensures that the container is both pest-proof and waterproof, so you can store this container indoors or out. Since these containers can be stacked, they’re ideal for households with multiple pets on varying diets.”

simplehuman Medium Pet Food Storage Container

Courtesy of Amazon

While slightly more expensive, this stainless-steel pet food storage container from simplehuman is an excellent choice, Wen says. “As a pet owner and a mom, I am always looking for food storage that will stay secure: the lock-tight handle on the Simplehuman container makes sure of this,” she says. “Another great added feature of this container is the lid-mounted scooper on the inside, making my pets’ meal times super easy and eliminating mess.”

Like simple human products made for, well, humans, the brand’s dog food storage container doesn’t sacrifice design or health and uses food-safe, BPA-free plastic for the removable inner bucket. “This allows you to remove and clean the dog food storage container easily, thereby easing the transition to new foods or diets,” Wen says.

Kurgo Kibble Carrier for Dogs

Courtesy of Amazon

If your dog is your favorite hiking pal, your daypack isn’t just filled with your necessities; you have water, treats, and other essentials for your pup, too. For short jaunts and outings, pack this travel-friendly dog ​​food storage container. With more than 25,000 positive reviews on Amazon, you can virtually guarantee it will meet your expectations.

A critical product feature we like is the roll-down top, which allows your dog to eat straight out of the bag. It can hold up to 5 pounds of grub, and thanks to the hex-weave material and food-safe PEVA liner, the kibble stays secure and safe during your tracks. There are also extra storage pockets for doggie bags or treats on the side.

Van Ness 25-Pound Food Container With Fresh-Tite Seal With Wheels

Courtesy of Amazon

Though this dog food storage container is bare bones (pun intended!), over 25,000 Amazon reviewers gave it a five-star rating to meet their needs. It can fit up to 25 pounds of dog food, so depending on the size of your pup, you may not need to refill it often. It also includes a tight seal that prevents moisture and unwanted pests from getting into your pup’s grub.

As a big bonus, it’s made from FDA-approved, food-grade plastic, so no chemicals will contaminate the kibble. If you’re storing this container in a closed cabinet, it’s a must-buy, since no one will see it—and it’ll make some of your pet parent responsibilities more manageable.

IRIS USA 2-Piece WeatherPro Air-tight Pet Food Storage Container

Courtesy of Amazon

There’s plenty to bark about when it comes to this dog food storage container, which has over 58,000 positive reviews on Amazon. This option’s highlight is its two-piece design—which is ideal for multi-pet households or small spaces with one animal.

Use the top section (which holds up to 10 pounds of food) to store treats and the bottom (which holds up to 25 pounds) for kibble. If that sounds like a lot of weight to lug around, it’s easy to breathe: This set has wheels. Like the other picks on our list, it features an air-tight seal and is made of BPA-free plastic that is FDA-compliant. Choose from four colors—and organize your pet food essentials ASAP.

Gunner Food Crates

Courtesy of Gunner

Not all dogs live inside the house—or spend much time indoors. Some pups have jobs: herding cattle and sheep, hunting ducks and other animals, or keeping a lay of the land. For outdoorsy families and farms, this dog food storage container is an investment in your loyal companion. It is waterproof, and the air-tight thermo seal protects against moisture, UV light, mold, and rancidity. This means you can keep it in the kitchen, in the back of a truck, or on the farm—and the kibble remains fresh. American-made with a lifetime warranty, this option may be on the pricer side, but it will last as long as you love your dog (so, forever.)

HANAMYA BPA-Free Pet Food Storage Container and Measuring Cup

Courtesy of Chewy

We like the modern, minimalist design of this dog food storage container. Not only is it easy on the eyes, but it’s practical, too, with an area for food and an included measuring cup for easy feeding. It features a silicon-sealed cover, six locks, and a flip lid, so it keeps out unwanted dust, pests, and moisture, but provides super-fast access to the kibble when you need it. On top, you can keep wet food, treats, or whatever else you need for your pet.